If Life Was A Movie

September 21, 2012
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If life was a movie
A heart like mine wouldn’t have to break
Break into a million pieces
Sitting in this room crying tears
Realizing that he’s gone
My babe’s gone
If life was a movie
Heartbreak wouldn’t feel like this
A young girl like me
Wouldn’t be begging for a first and last kiss
A first love, a first miss
If life was a movie
It’d be cool to be a star
Seeing the shining city lights from a far
Just being who you are
Being anyone you want to be
If life was a movie
A girl like me would be hot
Getting every chance, getting a lot
From money to fame
And everything in between
Never hearing the word “lame”
There would be no fears
Life would be worth it
Worth living
But check it out
I’m lost
And not yet found
If life was a movie
Everything would be all right
Alright, alright, alright
And those nights
Would be so perfect
So right
If life was a movie

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