Be free

September 1, 2012
How can one call himself a Sommelier
If he has not dined in the halls of the masses
Whose dishes are penury desire and despair
And who is he to say that he has walked though there world
If his bare and polished feet have not marked there paths
How can he be worldly if earth’s carpet has never huged him
Seeping into his un blemished flesh
How can you be learned?
If you hear but not listen
There’s more to the world then things that glisten
How does he know the people
If he has never seen one cry
Or giggle of bliss
Grow old or die?
After all aren’t we all human?
In the end we all die
How can he see it all ?
From a glittering palace of gold?
Wont’ the jewels blind him ?
From seeing the world’s call?
Does he envy there simplicity?
Starve like them for there love?
Cry in the night?
Cause he lost all it’s sold?
Be free
Be free to love
Be free to live
Be free to see.

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