The Feelings from Within

August 31, 2012
By Ffdege SILVER, New Milford, New Jersey
Ffdege SILVER, New Milford, New Jersey
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the only emotion ever felt,
never knowing about others,
hearing people speak of others but never knowing.

Living with one feeling,
kills you,
little by little,
day by day.

Knowing that nothing,
will ever change,
knowing only the worst,

NEVER able to hope,
for the best,
living a lie,
living a false hope.

Knowing that hate,
can only kill you,
you never make the effort to change,
you never see it necessary.

Seeing the worst in people,
you try to fix yourself,
only making it worse.

Finding no hope,
no love,
no emotion but hate.

You walk the world,
despising everything,
knowing nothing good,
only hate and anger.

You find one person,
full of hope for you,
when no one else has.

Showing that she cares,
Showing that’s there is hope.
You feel something different,
A feeling never felt before,
Confused you try to find out.

You search day and night,
Till the word is finally said,

Confused you repeat it over,
You fumble over the concept,
Explained and finally got.

You’re in love,
newly found,
you know its true.

Hoping she feels the same,
Wondering everyday what if,
Hoping its not a trick,
You wish and pray.

To find out your wrong,
Its actual feelings,
Actual love.

You feel more and more human,
Than a toy,
Loving this,
You show her,
She shows you it back.

Overwhelmed with love,
All your hate fades,
And you feel happy.

In love with a special person,
You know she means a lot,
You know shes the one,
Happily its finally gone.


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