The fighter

August 31, 2012
being in the ring, best friends, turn into enemies.
for that 5 minute match, they are nothing.
The wait for the GO is the longest time, muscles twitch, sweat rolls down your forehead.
And in the instant the judge says GO, lighting just a flash, an instant move of the foot, hand or body.
The rush, the intensity, the power, strength, and focus balled all into one tuned fighter.
Eye contact, looking through their eyes, studying what place they are looking, studying their body, their stance, their posture.
Winning can sometimes be the most important thing.
but not all the time.
When you pull your helmet off, you shouldn't care about your hair, makeup or if you look good.
You did well you fought your hardest, and you should be satisfied with that in itself.
Because not just anyone can be champion.
it takes a fine tuned fighting machine.

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