The Rest of Us

August 31, 2012
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They tell me I'm crazy here
but I don't believe them
I think they're the crazy ones
I mean, how messed up do you
have to be personally
to see the insanity in others?
Maybe we're all a little strange here...
i don't know

They tell me I need 'professional help'
but I didn't ask for any
is it still aid if I don't want it?
what if the giver needs it more
than the recipient? What then?
Maybe we all need some assistance...
I really don't know

They tell me I'm broken
but I don't see any damage
they're the ones that need to be fixed
do they have more parts loose than me?
Maybe we're all a little defective...
I swear I don't know

They tell me I have to take my pills
but I don't need them
is my brain chemistry the only one who's off?
I can't be the only one
Maybe we all need some medication...
How could I possibly know?

They tell me the straight jacket is for my own good
but I'm not dangerous
they are the ones with needles and
electroshock therapy at their disposal
am I the one who's harmful? to myself or others?
Maybe we all could use a little restriction...
I bet God would know

Do you know?
Or are you just as crazy as
the rest of us?

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