That Moment

August 31, 2012
By , Moreno Valley, CA

That moment..Can change everything.Any moment can change your life but this one will just kill you all together.Before it all happened your last clear thought was "it's only one taste it can't hurt".Only if you knew what it would do to you.Although you did know what it could do you just thought it would never happen to you.The world is spinning and you can't keep up.You just go one about the world looking for more trouble and soon you found it.Tell me if you had a chance to go back..would you?Go back before the drinking before the drugs and back to when you were pure and innocent?If you did you'd be alive today.Let me fill you in on what happened after that one taste.You wanted more and you got more.You couldn't afford to pay so you paid with your body.You went to even more hard core drugs.An over dose did not cause your death.You were beaten till there was no more life to take from you.As of this moment no one has looked into your case and your body is unidentified.That moment changed everything.That moment changed you.

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