August 31, 2012
By LadyJoker BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
LadyJoker BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Someone told me, heavens waiting, for the sinner--> god is ready,"- Erykah Badu

If i could give live to myself once more I'd do it again.
Go back intime sit at God's throne and repent.
Ask for forgiveness for the life I haven't lived
But then again have I really sinned?
The bible this Chruch that.
God is not this uptight white dude
I know that for a fact
I felt his spirit
His soul connection if you would say
Lost in a trance. sleeping in mid air with no bed to lay
I saw my heaven. for some reason im blessed with two
One where im with the stars
And one where im in the fields
Playing with the lions flying with the birds.
When im with the stars I see a beauty. every start ever born wrapping me with their life.
bringing out my inner goddess
soaking me in white clothing
singing to me with voices like milk and honey
floating me down the milky way and into the galaxies of my inner soul until the end of time
When im in my savannah im back in my motherland. my Africa is what i call it. so green so pretty so dry just how i like it. It rains at night so i can have a lullaby to put me to sleep. the lions and tigers protect me from any harm even though im in my heaven i still like to be protected. at dawn my dragon comes and swoops me away taking me back to my stars until my heart turns grey. and at the strike of 12 i wake up and realize it was just a dream. from meditating to long but its okay because it brings my face to a gleem

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