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August 31, 2012
By kimpossiblebyday GOLD, South San Francisco, California
kimpossiblebyday GOLD, South San Francisco, California
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"I began to view the world at large through borrowed eyes more like those I wanted to own: hopeful." -Ellen Hopkins

My definition of family is a little different. 
I pick up my family as I go. 
My dad made the decision not to be in my life a long time ago. 
And he took half my family with him. 
My new family from my aunt's side moved back to Mexico. 
Never to be heard from again. 
My favorite baby cousin isn't allowed to come by. 
Because of a family feud I had nothing to do with. 
But I have a new sister. 
They say I was meant to live my life as an only child. 
But I know people who search their whole lives for a best friend like that. 
So how dare you take more family away from me?
Families aren't always built by blood, or by marriage. 
Sometimes you just pick family up along the way. 
When you, and your giant family, try to tell me who my family is, it will never have an effect on me. 
Because however big my family grows, those ideas will never be a part of it. 

The author's comments:
I always had a really hard time with my family because I kept on thinking that they were leaving because of me. But sometimes things just happen. And that's a lesson to everybody who has ever dealt with family issues. Family, in my definition, is who you love. Not who you were born with. And at the end of the day, those are the only people that matter.

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