i wish i didn't wish

September 20, 2012
By amormortemmeierit BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
amormortemmeierit BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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I hope one day
a lovely girl,
who's unique
in her walk
and bright in the eyes,
comes into your shop
looking for a fisheye
and a few rolls of film.

I hope your
breath catches
at the sight of her,
and I hope you
approach with your wit.

She smiles,
you call,
you walk along
the beach together,

hand in hand.

I hope you fall quickly,
and your eyes
deepen with love.
I hope you marry,
move away,
grow old with kisses
from her still plush lips.

One day,
you'll fade away,
locked in her arms
and drenched in her tears.

And I hope
until that day comes,
the way she looks at you

brings up memories
of me.

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