Something in My Closet

September 20, 2012
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There's something in my closet,
And it's growing quite loud.
It giggles and it scratches,
It's obviously pretty proud.

There's something in my closet,
But my mother says it's fake.
There's nothing to worry about, darling.
We can fix anything with tape.

There's something in my closet and it's clawing it's way out,
So I opened the door and suddenly found out.
It's little head was knock, knock, knocking.
So I took the batteries out.

There's something in my closet,
but it's not my little toy.
It's got long sharp teeth,
And a smile that's just too coy.
Though when I go to sleep I know it will all go away,
I'm still paranoid that it might come out to play.

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