The gift

September 20, 2012
By heartbreaker910 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
heartbreaker910 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
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“Here we go again, I kinda want to be more than friends” – Animal by the Neon Trees

She gave him a frightened smile. He gave her a calming wink
She gave him time to play with. He gave her a solo to catch up to.
She gave him trust. He gave her security
She gave him cats. He gave her watery eyes, and a runny nose
She gave him goalie padding and a stage to perform on. He gave her homeruns and a chemical explosion
She gave him a talent. He gave her a reputation
She gave him hell. He gave her an emotionless vessel
She gave him sweet dreams. He gave her a rude awakening
She gave him an idea. He gave her a plan
She gave him bright, sunny days. He gave her the cool, nightlife
She gave him a slap. He gave her a reason.
She gave him Broadway and Stevie Wonder. He gave her Cold Play and Kanye
She gave him a fantasy. He gave her a reality check
She gave him Ithaca, New York, he gave her Radnor Township, Pennsylvania
She gave him freedom. He gave a lock with no key
She gave him the need. He gave her the want
She gave him the birds. He gave her the bees
She gave him a memory. He gave her a story
She gave him love. He gave her lust

The author's comments:
Based off of David Lehman's 'The Gift'

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