can you see my sorrow

September 20, 2012
you can't ever know how horrible i feel
i made a promise to be there for you when you needed someone & no one else is
and i broke that promise
i'm so sorry about every thing i did to you
everything i blamed on you when i should have blamed myself
can you see my sorrow
that i keep hidden out of the sight of other people
can you still tell when i'm in pain like you use to
can you tell that when i say i am fine that i'm really not
i have never told your secrets to anybody no matter how much they would beg
i kept them locked away deep inside my heart
can you see my sorrow
i almost lost you as a friend, i practically did
then i found you just as i was about to give up on everything
i was growing weak beginning to not trust anyone
and i almost ran away from who i am
i didn't realize how important our friendship is till that day
the day i finally found you & apologized for everything
can you see my sorrow
for it is in the open for you to see
to see how truly sorry i am
can you now see my sorrow

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