Why me?

September 21, 2012
By , Melbourne, Australia
One day I wondered down to school,
When a kid came up and made me look like a fool,
He cursed at me, shouting in my face,
That nobody would ever love me, that I was a disgrace,
Then, seeing red, into my face he spat,
Saying that I was a nobody, goofy and fat,

Later that night, I cried in my bed,
I was hurt and offended by what he had said,
And my self-esteem, well, it was in tatters,
It felt as if nothing I did matters,
I wondered why he had done this to me,
Why he would do it, I just couldn’t see,

But you know what made it worse,
He did again, like some strange curse,
And the day after that and yet again tomorrow,
There was no way I could hide from my sorrow,
No one would speak to me, no one would care,
Why was it happening, it didn’t seem fair,

Month after month, year after year,
And yet the reason why still wasn’t clear,
Why o why was this boy so mean,
He would come up to me, looking so keen,
Then he’d strip me of what dignity I had,
And left me feeling miserable, lonely and sad,

I had no friends, that much was clear,
Until, slowly, year by year,
I wasted slowly, slowly away,
My grades dropped, that’s all I’ll say,
They should have been the best years of my life,
But in truth, they were just full of strife,

I’m a flunk, a failure, that’s the truth,
My mum hates me; I’m a goof,
My dad lives a long way away,
Doesn’t even say hi on my birthday,
I’m a jerk, and really uncool,
I hate my life, especially school,

So one day, I was full of rage,
My mum had called my smile deadlier than plague,
So I went and swung a punch at this nerd,
It felt like for once, I was being heard,
Suddenly everyone was looking at me,
But not in disgust, this was different, see,

That day, everyone treated me with respect,
I did it the next day and had to reflect,
It was really working, that much was sure,
So the next day I knocked that kid to the floor,
Now everyone knows my name,
I had to do it again; it was my claim to fame,

It really let me blow off some stream,
I had no idea I was being so mean,
Until that fateful day when I heard a scream,
I felt like I was in a dream,
It pierced the school, heard from far away,
I will never ever forget that day,

I’m a murderer, that’s what I am,
I’m wasn’t even cool, it was all a sham,
I thought that ruining someone’s life made me cool,
Now I realized it made me a stuck up fool,
I took away an innocent life,
And now it’s my turn to live in strife.

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Emily_Greene said...
Sept. 24, 2012 at 12:28 am
The flow was a little off. I liked the story itself and the emotion behind it, though. Overall, it was a good poem. I hope you'll check out my work too.
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