September 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Life’s not fair, I’m not even there.
It’s a state of mind we hide in our heads. Creating our worlds with one another. Answers we hope to make up to made up questions. A life we think will be permanent. But an epic journey will always follow our make believe… A realisation that we are always dead. That we live out fantasy as if we were alive and let it fade when our minds are full. The memories are gone, the touch the smell… Everything we work hard to keep goes in the end. Do we one day come back to this make believe world? Maybe, but we’d never return as ourselves. Maybe something or someone else. Who knows? What is worth all this time? All this pain and love the good and the bad that affects us so? That dims our minds to a point of destruction… To the point where all that remains is a pile 6 feet under of bone dust… DNA lost to the ages Memories ones mostly forgotten. Why do we try? Why do we care? Why do we live lives like we are all there? Most of us are crazy… Well perhaps we all are. I can’t say for sure your minds aren’t mine. Did you ever look… really look at another person… alone in a room and think. This is no fantasy this is life the life I want the life I have. Well at one point or another you’ll crash… You’ll fall, won’t care if anything happens at all. You’ll close your eyes cry and feel wounds come back, pain that was once healed and in the end that’s what kills us. All our pain… all the suffering the things we waste our time on. Will eventually drag us to our realisation of death Is never over never gone.. Always here always… it’s what we are it’s what we breathe… It is us. Death.

The author's comments:
This is my outlook on life. To an extent. Death waits for all of us in the end.

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