It's Really Up To You

September 19, 2012
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When people ask what is the meaning of life, I say living,

and it’s true.

The life God,

or your parents,

or the stork on the window sill

gave you

was given to be used.

But I still think the meaning of life is much too complicated

to be given a specific cause.

It has a kaleidoscope of meaning,

ever changing,

never paused.

And even further, I would dare, to venture that

just one meaning of life is silly,

and absolutely no fun at that.

So how about we try this:

what is the meaning of your life,

tell me what it aught to be.

But that’s no good,

because we spend our lives looking for it ourselves

you see.

So hows about we try another question or two:

what is the meaning you WANT to give to your life,

because it’s really up to you.

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