Little Orpan Finds a Home

September 19, 2012
Tears cloud my vision as
I watched her wald away
leaving us standing
with other kids on a long stage.

As I reach for my brother's havd
voices lure over the crowds
unimportant to the ones
on stage with me.

We are wisked off to
a large metal machine
the machine's noise is tremendous.
There are big wheels upon it
and fire makes it run.

We travel through forsaken lands
one by one being chosed
taken from our innocent group
sent with new people.

I'm just now starting to see the picture
I do not understand why
our mother would give us up
nor do i honestly want to know

We finally came to a place
that looked sort of like our home
My brother and I were rushed off.
Unexpectent of what to come.

I stood there holding his hand
as a pretty lady came toward us
her smile is what caught my eyes
the words were kind,
what she spoke.

We will now be living
with this lady, no more sadness,
no more wishing to be chosen,
or to be cramped on
the big machine.

I take my brother's hand
as the lady leads us away
Me and my brother share a smile.

I squeeze his hand
and we walk happily
toward a new beginning
our new home.

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