The Girl I Used To Know

September 19, 2012
By Chero8p PLATINUM, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Chero8p PLATINUM, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
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i still have that video of you singing and i cant stop listening

i know you may see it creepy but i see it lovely

and I don’t think I’m ready to let you go.

I know I may not mean nothing to you now,

but you still mean everything to me,

Just once I’d love to hold,

my arms will always be open just waiting for that token of affection

I know you have to give but I wont get that love will I ?

But that’s okay, one day you’ll come to me.

But I have to say you drive me f***ing crazy,

baby I cant think straight when I see you,

I always want to run up to you

and hug you and never ever let go.

I know I cant but for now

I’ll stare at this dream inside my head that will once be reality.

You always seem to keep my mind ticking and thinking,

the beauty I see in you cant be defined by any thing that’s alive.

I still cant believe I told you I loved you and I still came off as annoying to you.

Things wont always go the way we want

but I hope you’ll see there’s people here for you no matter what you going through

I hope you see this one day and know that I’d love to see

and hold your baby one day you’ll have,

if only I could tell you what I truly feel about you,

you’d even fall for me too.

All I have to say now is,

I love you, I love you _____, I love you..

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