Sometimes You Have To Pretend

September 19, 2012
Sometimes ,
i pretend like none of it was real
the fact that you said "i love you"
or how you made me feel
the butterflies i got
with you standing there
or the nights i'd start crying
overcome with fear the fear of losing you
i was right to worry , because
in the end? my biggest fear came true
i have to pretend like none of your memory was real
your memory that still haunts me
i just can't deal
your smile when you saw me
the glow on your face
the way we would laugh and giggle
all over the place
i have to pretend like none of my love was real
how fast i let you in my life
or how easy my heart was for you to steal
how much i cared for you , & how badly i wanted to belive your love was real too .
sometimes i have to pretend
it was easy to let go
the nights staying up
not able to rest
feeling nothing but sad , and worthlessness
wondering why?
i just wasn’t good enough
or why i was taking the heartache to rough
sometimes , i just have to pretend

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