Fade to Black

September 18, 2012
Look alive people! We’re going black!

Barks the manager of the stage.

Prepare for the dark

And the silence that comes along with it.

Then, out of nowhere, there it is.

It’s the feeling of anticipation before a show,

When you stand in the dark of the Black stage.

Black is the theater.

We live it, breathe it, and love it.

We dance in it, sing in it, and eat it up

Like Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner.

We start in Black and we end in Black.

We’re born out of Black and we die in Black.

We can’t escape its power.

Life is the theater.

It is the one moment before a show

When everyone is covered in its darkness.

The silence fills the room

And chills take over your body.

Black is the line that defines our story.

It’s the barrier between the audience and the stage.

It is our moment of truth and moment of courage

And the moment of a job well done.

I love it, you love it, and we love it.

We will always have Black on our side.

And we are actors.

We simply fade to Black.

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