September 18, 2012
By SamiLaRose GOLD, Port Jefferson, New York
SamiLaRose GOLD, Port Jefferson, New York
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"I heard you like the bad girls honey, is that true?"

I'm a poet with bad grammar and I don't even give a damn

I am not here to please you or even to slightly amuse you

I write from my soul, for all of my fears that can't come out at night

For the nightmares that I have in the sweetest of my dreams, the nightmares are all the memories of you and me.

I can't take seeing you every night in my dreams, a place where I go to escape to let my mind roam free; is where you find me and that doesn't rub me fondly.

When day dreams turn to nightmares and nightmares are sweet, that's usually where you can find him and me

You are the sweetest of all poison

I've never tasted one so fun, making my tongue almost sweeter than the best oranges under the Florida sun

You are the cherries at the top of the tree and I am the ones lower at the bottom

You make me feel as low as the rats in the Manhattan sewer bottom, letting you go gets old, but having you hang around gets even older, it makes me wish that I was more sober

So boring to me now you are, nothing come paired to the lights and the stars
The only things I can compare your feelings to is Zannys and bars

A part of my heart will always love you, and never let you go

But its times for lights out baby, and watch out, don’t let the monsters devour your soul.

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