Grow up

September 18, 2012
“Now you grow up,”
I hear down stairs.
But my mother is
Verbally accusing or teaching?
How to clean up this mess.

There are no instructions
For a parent
And there is no way
To stop accidents or a bad days.
Who is right to have their part of speech
If they both wrong?

“Your brother, never acted like this. “
Blaming, yelling, cursing, throwing
Red faces, tears, motion, disaster
I wonder who has the handle of the kite
Or who is the kite.

What side wants what?
Do they speak to each other or at each other?
Some hearts broken from what they hear.
Some hear hearts break.

“What is wrong with you?”
The mind shields information
But the face can trick you
The face can turn into monsters and their hands can too
They have a game of who can hold their opponent’s tongue first.
The winner has its tongue cut off… at the roots.

How does a human survive this battle?
Where is the time bomb that started it all?
What is the time? Is the time too early or late?

Tell me who wins.
Tell me.

“Did you ever think that it mattered to me or say anything?”
Forgiving and giving up the rope
Is very different. But the heart will swell,
Because they can have done no better than

Tiny people will fill the brain and crowd it.
The noise is so loud people cannot even
Hear themselves.
This person will sleep, yet not sleep.

Sleep can sometimes be the best medicine.
Others TVs.
Or sports
Sleep can tell you what you really feel,
But not always best.
TVs can make you forget, what really matters.
The body can take stops in sports, but it can tire with its own battle, you have to be ready for anything.

“Speak like a human, not like a robot.”
What to say now?
You have that remark you cannot answer,
It is the unspeakable one or blunt
Do you make an excuse or tell the truth?
How will they react?

Puck is the assumptions.
Tricks are played on the people.
Mistakes are made on the people.
They sound like married people.

“Whose side are you on?”
Bring in a person in the circle with a tiger and a man.
Back out, or side? Who do you go with, your gut or with reasons?
Bribed with whispers of the truth and the false.

Now I am brought in
How do I make my choice, because I was a kid, but not yet a parent?
Can you tell me?

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