September 18, 2012
By SET1993 BRONZE, Aberdeen, Ohio
SET1993 BRONZE, Aberdeen, Ohio
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Do not waste time that you do not have weeping in regret,

The tears you cry soon will dry, There is no need to fret.

The troubles you have faced, my love, will soon come undone,

Just as a flower is to bloom, Tomorrow will surely come.

Why must sorrow fill your heart and lend you no peace of mind?

When nothing may hurt you anymore and love is left to find.

Dream of tomorrow love and never forget about today,

Learn again to love my dear, and from love, never shy away.

Forgiveness is a virtue, A task of difficult pride.

A form of death that can't be escaped,

A haven from which you cannot hide.

Forgive my love, Forgive.

And let that part of you die.

And tomorrow when you awake,

There will be no more tears to cry.

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