Little Girl

September 9, 2012
Little girl, who am I to judge? But to society you really aren’t as pretty as he tells you that you are, but because you allow him to have access whenever he wants pleasure, he’ll tell you anything to make you happy.
I’m not sure, but I’m guessing in the room when it’s just the two of you he says things like I love you. Making you feel as though you’re a jewel upon a pedestal. You should be independent enough to feel that way regardless of what he tells you.
He uses phrases like “I wish I could, Then I Would” but he can! He’s just not “That Man”. The man that could possibly have any connections, nor ties with you, because in front of his friends you’re his fool, and to the outsiders peering in, you’re just his do girl.
How can you stand to put up with his lies, when ever night that same man makes you cry, not with him, but alone…
Time after time you call yet he doesn’t pick up! Do you not realize you are just his back up? The girl he wants to sleep with yet refuses to be with. The girl that prepares dinner for two, placing both plates at the table, and as the night grows older you realize that the one plate has yet to be touched!
It takes two to love, it takes two to have sexual intercourse and he undresses you, but you dress yourself because you are his toy. The person he plays with when his wife doesn’t show him any attention, the one that he knows will give him quick free-bes when he doesn’t want to waste money at a strip club, but to you it’s love.
You fail to realize that if you have to settle for a piece of him, then you should be saying peace to him because yourself values are far more authentic than the words that could ever rolled from of his tongue and out of his mouth.
As a woman, you should never have to put up with this, so why do you? Why do you let the ignorance of this man control you?
You’re still some one’s Little Girl.

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