In Never Ending Space

September 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I sleep alone with fear of you in my eyes,
muffled sounds of crying fill the air,
memories of the things you took from me,
You were my friend now my foe,
you've left me with your memory scarred upon my wrist,
you took away my shining glow,
with no longer the will to exist.
I close my eyes and hope not to wake,
in fear that you might be there,
to hold me down and take me like a keep sake.
At least then I would no longer live in fear,
of my past shadows that haunt me,
you are the worst,
you took away my purity,
along with my trust,
as you held me against that wall,
With all your force and thrust.
A scream became a whimper,
and all you did was laugh,
my soul was shattered,
I tried to fight,
though we both know that doesn't matter.
Because in the end I was left impure,
and you left content,
I live in fear and so unsure,
You left me hopeless with your scent
smeared across my face,
Now I live along with the dead in never ending space.

The author's comments:
For anyone who has been a victim of rape.

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