Where I Am From

September 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I am from photographs,
From a silver Sony and
Strawberry sweet moments

I am from the flooded basement,
From the act of working together and
Giving condolences of “We’ll be okay”

I am from cherry blossoms
From the fresh scent touching our noses and
Putting the delicate flower in our hair

I am from the love of babysitting,
From my energetic 14 month old niece and
My playful little cousins

I am from family reunions,
From spending time with them
And friends who I love as much as family

I am from my best of friends,
From being together in preschool and
Split in middle school to
Glued back together in high school, with half a part missing

I am culture and religion,
From weekly worships and
Daily prayers to live in a happy life

I am from foundations of love, kindness, and understanding,
From "always be caring, always be happy"
And "always know where you come from."

The author's comments:
This was a piece we had to write for school and I was really able to express who I am in just a few lines...Please send feedback. I am always eager to hear criticism!

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