MY reflection

September 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I see my reflection
In a broken mirror
Eyes full of tears
Terrors and lies
And I wonder how I got to this point
How I got so low
Part of me thinks I will never know.

I pull at my hair
And I scream
Ugly, stupid, not worth keeping is all I see
I know I am dust and always second fiddle
How can some gain when I get so little
Yet still I wonder if I hate myself
How do I get out from the jagged lies?

I stand in the mirror
Now just an empty board
Glass cuts my feet
And falls like my heart on the floor
The knife cuts my wrist
And I feel so little
How can I get out when I am trapped in the middle?

The middle of lies
I know I am nothing but dust
How can I get out when fear fills me
And sadness brings tears.

I see my reflection
In a broken mirror
I pound at it and scream why
I crumble down
Hurt and lonely
No one ever hears this cry

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