Moonlight Savior

September 18, 2012
By Fellfox BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
Fellfox BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
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True love never dies

Oh woe to the fettered fox
A hapless soul beneath the citadel walls
Paying reparations from forgotten crimes
While others wassail in the hall above
The fox lies on the barren floor
Rime covered chains his only company
A full moon light shines bright upon his grimy pelt
Upon his muzzle sits a grin
As he listens to the surrounding blackness
The clink of metal
The slight whine of an opening door
The figure of rapture takes soft steps of fain
Muzzle set from sadness to blithe
The sentinel liege could not bide his time tonight
The full moon light the perfect moment
To share the secret of passion
He takes the fox's muzzle to his own
Solace fills the room to warm
Fevent hearts aching to be free together
Lips lock and passion runs so free
The sentinel liege moves away
Sorrow takes the air again
Their blithe time is always short
The fox waits with closed eyes
for his secret mate to leave
Only to feel his shackles fall apart
The sentinel liege takes up the withered form in his arms
Never to let go again
To take his fox away from this loathsome place
To finally be free
To finally live with his loving fox
Held up in tight arms as carried away
The fox glances back to his eternal darkness
Closing eyes once more
And nuzzles into his savior wolf
As they make admonish into the moonlight night

The author's comments:
Vocab is a little bit strong.
The sentinel liege is the leader of the guards for the castle, the fox's secret lover

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