My cobble home

September 17, 2012
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I want to live,
in a cobble house.
Where all my desires
came easy.
As easy, as easy,
as Sun starts my day.
No hunger or death to take it away.

It would just be me,
and my cobble house.
The sun and the fields and of ocean's churning,
shall keep me awake in my own little world.

Lock all the doors and shatter my windows,
the fires i wanted here too, shall burn.
Alas my ocean's are too out of reach,
to extinguish my fields as they're taken from me.

I sang in despair over the ashes of crops,
which i could have restored with my will.
I kept them dry,
and barren for me.
In silence i walk;
a bittersweet symphony.

I want to live in a cobble house,
where I desired the moon to join me.
Without the moon the tides had all gone
and there was silence in my seas.

So I willed them into my cobble house,
where the air in my lungs was forced out of my being.
The moon i so wanted flushed out of my grasp
and i gasped, for air, I gasped.

I want to live in a cobble house,
with no moon, no seas and no fires to see.
My nights became dark and my winters were cold.
A day of dead joy became reality.

My little world hanging by a thread,
severed by siccors of want.
I so wished and willed for my hapiness,
so instead shatter the windows and disintegrate my home.
We're not fit to run a world on our own,
Cut loose the chains that so hold us sane.
Greed can live off our body and brain.

Goodbye, Goodbye my cobble home.
Let you see day once more.
If there'd be no light for you.
Maybe the fires'll come back to your doors.

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