September 17, 2012
By _wearywanderer SILVER, Ventura, California
_wearywanderer SILVER, Ventura, California
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Favorite Quote:
Never be afraid to be different and venture where others have not.

That goes to show how wrong a dreamer can be
When she sees what she wants to see
But she's running from reality
And running from the truth

I've got people who know me
But they can't see me
I haven't let anyone for so long
Maybe I'm afraid of what they'll see

I had someone that might've loved me
And I was so cruel
I was fighting for control
But really I was the fool

This dreamer's life is flying by
She's too tired for dreams
And the world she created
Is tearing at its seams

I had someone I could love
I had someone that was pure
In this crazy world, deception is easy
But of him I was sure

He has a strong heart, and had a kind soft voice
And somehow each time I hurt him
Almost if I didnt have a choice

He sees the real world and chases after what he wants
She has a crying heart that lashes out and haunts
He has these steady eyes that could wash her sins away
She has hidden green secrets that could be lovely some day

If I could write my own story
I'd have those two meet again
Whether they be lovers or just two friends

If I could rewind my life, I'd go back a year
So that I could save hearts from being broken
And choose those to hold dear

This is an apology, this is a wish
I'd be anything you need
I could be that shoulder to lean on or that sweet kiss

I know you don't want me and never purse me again
I can't promise you I'm worth you but I can't bear to watch this end

The author's comments:
Thanks to the boy in white.

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