Upon Departure

September 16, 2012
By write-with-light GOLD, Lawrenceville, Georgia
write-with-light GOLD, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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She took a boat with sails of green
to the land of New York City,
The sails of the ship were pale grass, like her eyes
And on them you could see her dreams.
She packed up her clothes
And her bags full of hope,
And letters handwritten in blue ink,
With teeny molecules of fear hiding in between the lines.
She floated down the Hudson with fists full of words
And coffee grounds covering music notes
The little worm in a big apple
The baby owl in a large oak tree
In her mind, six feet small
Was just tall enough to tower over her doubts
She rolled up her letters
And used them as a telescope,
Peering across the country
From her chemistry lab into
The beakers of high school biology
At night, she stood out on the balcony,
(holding the universe together),
Under the bright lights of a new memorial
Looking at the pale orb above and feeling miniscule
She suspected that a thousand miles away
Another peered out of their window,
At that same glowing space shell
Following that red twine string
All the way to her heart in New York City

The author's comments:
For my girl, Jenn, who is currently in college in NYC

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