My Heart, Revealed

September 16, 2012
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Jesus, our Savior. The Son of God who knows our every thought, every movement, every dream, hope, and wish controls our lives like a shepherd herding his sheep. We’re sinners, we were born sinners. We are pitiful people who are never happy; we always seem to long for more, to fill our gaping hole of emptiness. We are never satisfied. Only Jesus can fill our hole completely. He will make you whole; He will change your life, your thoughts, and your actions. He will change it all. We are a sketchbook in His eyes, and He is the pencil and eraser, drawing in His plans for our lives, erasing our human needs and selfish wishes. Hell is our future, if Jesus Himself is not in us. Hell is in the afterlife, the eternal prison for those without our Savior. It is the infinite black hole of torture, pain, and fear; forever harming our mortal bodies and souls, where Death never visits. He sacrificed His life on the cross for us, hanging in blood, sweat, and sins. For every person alive, He took their sins. He inhaled them all in like gaseous toxins, piercing his pure heart, with each sin weighing an unimaginable amount of weight, and each one burdening His very soul. The sinners watched the Holy One hang, crying tears of torment and sorrow, which dropped like heavy boulders of stones. Blood seeped out of His wounds, slowly dripping to the ground where sinners stood and observed. Jesus cried and wept, but not for Himself. No, no, no. He cried for us, the sinners, the murderers, the unsatisfied and ungrateful souls, the mothers and the fathers, children and the elderly. He cried for the lame and homeless, for the peasants and kings. He wept for this very world. He remained on the cross in agony and distress, until His soul left The Place of Sins. Along with his holy soul, our every sin departed with Him. We were forgiven on that day by the Son of God. By Jesus Himself, we were saved. He embraced all of our hardships and burdens, all of our tears and pain, and all of our mistakes and failures. He forgave us all. Not out of pity, though. No, no, no. He forgave us out of pure and sweet love, the rare, majestic remedy of all suffering. The antidote is only found in God alone. No where else in our universe can we find such true joy that comes from the love of our God. The idea of perfection, the thought of a true, beautiful being, all reflect upon Jesus. Happiness and joy are two very different nouns, with very different definitions. Happiness is the result from fulfilling our worldly needs, it comes from inanimate objects, from things that will soon disperse and end. Happiness itself comes to an end. Joy, the result from knowing the love of our God, is forever. It never fades, never abandons you, and never dies. Our God and the joy that comes with Him are infinite. Sadness and depression are the products of Happiness, the reactant. The feeling of loneliness, the feeling that your life is not complete and that something is missing, that is the life without God. In a life without God, a person is constantly searching for the missing piece that will enrich their lives forever. They go through an endless journey that takes a lifetime, seeking out the false happiness. They seek out their strongest worldly desire, wishing it will fill their empty life. It is not until they are hand in hand with Death, receiving glimpses of Hell, that they realize what has been missing their whole life. Some still do not realize what they lived without. They die not knowing the perfection of our Savior, not knowing the true love He gives. They die without joy in their heart. Hell is their new home. They have lived a mortal life in pain and false joy, only to die and live an eternal life in suffering and torment. It is heart-breaking to hear, but it is the belief of the Christian religion. God gave us a choice at birth. He gave us the choice to either believe in Him, or to follow in the devil’s footsteps. It is your choice where you want to spend your immortal life in. God will always give you a choice. He is our Savior, our Father, and our God. The definition of perfection lies with Him. The birth of love came from Him. He is all good and just. He is always loving, caring, and no matter what path you follow, He will still love you with all of His heart. Never, ever, ever forget that. Never forget that you are loved by the creator of love itself.

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