Distraught Differences

September 16, 2012
By JadedJewel BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
JadedJewel BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
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Stampeding rhythms

Gigantic echoes

Voices ringing, ringing wide

Eardrums beating

Heart is racing

Fear is, is leading

Water escaping

Draining liquid

Tears streaming, streaming down

Feet running

Skidding on floors

Falling forward, forward ground

Closing, protecting

Guarding, shielding

Penetrating sound, sound is here

Curling tight

Stringy locks being pulled

Frustration builds, builds anger

Rising upward

Past is screaming

Hope be, be so far gone

Silence stripped

Straining more

Pressure released, released and merged

Separate thoughts

Dangerous minds

Create this, this melancholic song

Together they are one

Only similarity shared

Forever different, different paths

Drawn and deep

Instinct is gone

Only pain, pain is taking over

Then, stillness.

Then, quiet.

Then there, there is only…..

The author's comments:
Divorce and Yelling.

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