Wasted Dreams

September 16, 2012
By Donovanet SILVER, Avon, Indiana
Donovanet SILVER, Avon, Indiana
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You know I'm living full of pain
Stitch in regret and lots of shame
And anger laces all my veins
My heart, my mind, contaminate
I've never been afraid to say
The truth 'cause its the only way
To be set free... To be set free.
So I square the wicked truth away
And hope it does the rest for me
But no.

I'm still stuck in misery
I know this 'cause I cry at night
When in the dark I am reminded
Everything I live for is worthless!
Every hour I toil away means nothing!
Stunned. Repulsed. Because they fooled me.
Blinded by my prideful dreams
They said success comes with belief
and where has that belief got me?
Playing someone I can't be
A Charlatan dressed as a sheep
Pretending I am what they see

But I'm not. Its a lie.
I'm burnt up and cold inside
And day or night its all the same
Forever afflicted with this pain

The author's comments:
That feeling I get when I don't think I am good enough.

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