The woods

September 18, 2012
By kangaroosandrasburryjam SILVER, Bayshore, New York
kangaroosandrasburryjam SILVER, Bayshore, New York
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"the people that mind dont matter, and the people that matter dont mind"- dr. seus

In the summer when
the wind whispers the answers to the worlds wonders
you hold my hand i can hear it clearly
the forests trees branches dance to the sound of our voices
in a lovers trance
i can see them swaying when you kiss my lips
when the seasons change
the air takes on a new tone

bitter sweet biting at my finger tips and at your nose

the wind howls
but your not there to hold me

the woods beacon me into the dark whispering trees
the trail disappearing into murky waters and uncertain paths
i can feel you slipping away

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