Poison Air

September 18, 2012
By TheDarkCryLove PLATINUM, Cleator Moor, Other
TheDarkCryLove PLATINUM, Cleator Moor, Other
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"if you rush life, you are only rushing closer to death" - Anthony Cole
"it is what you read when you don't nead to, that determins what you will be when you can't help it" - Oscar wilde

I take a puff
Inhale dark grey
Soot into my lungs
Soothing and fresh
Poison air

Breathe out
A puff
A cloud of smoke appear
Intoxicating, invigorating
I couldn’t really care
What I thought of poison air

They say
It’s bad
You shouldn't smoke
It will kill you before your age
But so will tongue of wicked flair
If none of you beware

The poison air
You fear so much
To rot away your lungs
To me it is sincerity
For what I have become

My skin is grey
Like cloud of smoke
My heart is black as tar
My appearance is
A motorbike
And fumes from my engine
Are my poison air

If we were talking chemicals
Humans would be a base
And cigarette would be the acid
But I, my friend
Am not like you.

Through years of torment
Grief and pain
My heart has rot away
I am not an alkali
Like so many who judge me
I am now an acid

So the poison air doesn't harm me

The author's comments:
yes i smoke, but no i do not care

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