September 18, 2012
By georgierose SILVER, Melbourne, Other
georgierose SILVER, Melbourne, Other
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My feet dangling high
While I’m sitting on the bench stool,
Watching mum cook,
Trying to take her anger out
On that poor wooden spoon
My dad’s shoes lying
Silently at the end of the door.
Never again will they be worn.
My brother is cradling
His body,
Giving himself his own hug.
He seeks attention
My mother seeks understanding.
No one knows what I seek.
No one hears my
Muffled sobs,
My invisible tears.
I am an actor,
A proud one, at that.
My charade is a believable
It doesn’t matter what I seek
I will never get it.
My wish unanswerable,
Best people don’t know
That I seek
The unsearchable.
But I crave my wish
Just like a scientist
Craves a breakthrough.
I need my wish
Just like an infant
Needs their mother’s warm milk.
Never mind though.
Time will heal.
Time is the answer.
So I will sit here my feet dangling high
On a kitchen stool
Watching my mother cook.
Waiting for my broken
To be glued together again.
In time.
Time will heal.

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