Worry Not

September 17, 2012
By , Acworth, GA
I am okay, though jagged lines
Cut through me, exposing crooked signs
That warn away those who wish to intrude.
Please, I do not mean to elude
Your questions. Your concerns. Your love.
Demons keep me locked in Hell, dreaming of the world above.
But please, my dear, worry not.
I hear the angels’ went and bought
My freedom from the kingdom of evil.
No more am I a prisoner branded as deceivable.
My dreams of floating with the butterflies
Are not far from being realized.
Please, my sweet, I can still hear
The doubt in your voice that betrays your fear.
Sadness will be a part of my life forever,
Not as a prison but more of a tether,
Designed to keep my soul safe inside
The body I try desperately to NOT hide.
Worry not, sweet reaper of the special,
Who hand-picked me to be a celestial
In the Heaven he calls his heart.
You are the home that I wish to be a part
Of. You are the answer to Love’s every question
And the only candidate in my heart’s election.
So please, worry not about the fickleness of Depression,
Who’s impending downfall makes him not worth a mention.
I am okay. Those jagged lines are now just scars.
Reminders of my past and the war
That I have yet to transcend.
But with one glimpse of your smile, I think I see its end.

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