Memories of Fall

September 17, 2012
By collins33 BRONZE, 15238, Pennsylvania
collins33 BRONZE, 15238, Pennsylvania
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I look outside my window, and see the leaves
Changing color, one by one, trickling to the ground
Fall. It’s in my grasp. My favorite season, the one I long for
I take a deep breath. The crisp, cool, clean air tickles my nose.
I think back to when I was little, sitting in my grandmas kitchen, watching her bake.
The aroma of fresh apple pie, wafting through the air.

My mind wanders off,
To caramel apples with my mom.
The sweet, golden, caramel sticks to my lips,
As the sour apple, crunches in my mouth.

Then, the image of a bonfire flashes into my mind.
Sitting with my sister on a teetering log,
Roasting marshmallows, watching them engulf in flames.
We bite into the S’more, as the chocolate melts onto our bare hands.

My imagination deviates off to a hay ride
The scratchy straw surrounds me,
As I meander my way up through the maze of pumpkins.
All eyes are open to see who can spot the perfect one.
The one that we will take back home, and make our own.

The once so near sight of summer has begun to fade.
Splashing waters have turned to cheering crowds at football games
And the giggles and screams
Of trick-or-treaters frolicking in the street

My mind takes me back to reality,
And I look out my window once again.
Red, yellow, and orange hues flood my vision
I can’t help but smile,
Because fall is finally here.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my favorite seaon fall, and all the wonderful memories it brings me.

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