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September 17, 2012
By snowybutterfly DIAMOND, Fremont, California
snowybutterfly DIAMOND, Fremont, California
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if your eyes are closed long enough
cushions dissolve into snow
head tilted back to sunlight
meets strands of wind instead
lashes flutter like snowflakes like teardrops
falling from lashes and freezing to
cheeks, no longer red like
many-times-bitten lips
like helpless reminders of
a perfect fifth
out of tune, since loneliness replaced
harmony instead of blue toes
wrapped in fleecy soon-to-be nostalgia
imagine you will fall
back curving far enough toward
wishes, scattered carefully behind you
arching higher, stomach flattening as if
finally realizing how much you hated
beauty in its curves
almost a waltz
t's pronounced carefully enough to
make you smile
like their crispness lightens
your shoulders, like an ache
of absolutely round lines of letters
three of them, like sisters
blonde and brown and red together
like dancing nymphs, guarding
their precious water, like it could not
bear to freeze into six crystals and float
like only movement constituted life, and
winter meant death, when pauses
are so much more important, like rests
or fermatas, a pause of
unspecified length, like not clear
although transparent could be replaced
like summertime.

The author's comments:
this is inspired by Birdy's White Winter Hymnal

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