September 17, 2012
By katertott PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
katertott PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
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Bubbles like dreams dance to the surface
Seeing the world for the first time.
But my feet and hands are shackled to the abyss.
Oh these transparent and aqueous chains
Through the kaleidoscope and rippling surface.
I see hazy gulls soaring on drafts,
Ballerina's in the sky.
Flying even higher.
A Scream escapes my lungs.
Mere vibrations eaten by the current-
Invisible hands beating and bruising
Laughing and challenging all around.
How my lips long for the taste of the breeze.
Eyes for the colors of the clouds and trees.
Feet for the support of the rich soil.
That would only be the beginning.

But how do I swim?

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