green frog

September 16, 2012
By Anonymous

what does that sound like
makes a low croak in his throat
then hops away on his tiny legs
loves pond water, and scum
grows from a tadpole
to a full grown frog friend
i love them, god made them
so friendly and innocent
eats flies and other small bugs
so private, yet so intriguing
some call the process evolution
but i just call it gods creation
i am no scientist
but i know my bible, miss.
i know you believe in
natural selection and such
but have you ever thought
you might want to second guess
i pray for you all everyday
don't forget that.
hold that cute little frog
hold it in the palm of your hand
you really going to tell me
a big bang did that?
I'm not ridiculing you
or anyone for their beliefs
i respect you, and everything
i just want to make you see
maybe try and get you to think
could random chance...
really make such wonderful things?
that little frog is full of wonder
open your eyes.
its too complex to be an accident
i hope you can see the truth someday
i hope that little creature
can show you the way.

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