Like a Knot

September 16, 2012
By LittleMissy SILVER, Issaquah, Washington
LittleMissy SILVER, Issaquah, Washington
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I am like a knot
So tangled and twisted
Caught in the should be’s and has to be’s

Pulling tighter and tighter
Hoping the knot will come undone
Please don’t throw me in the washer
Cuase that’ll just make it worse

I’m so tangled that you can’t tell what I am
Tangled like your hair after riding a roller coaster
One of those ones that flip you upside down and all around
Until you can’t tell up from down
Tangled like your headphones after you throw them in your backpack
Cuase you were in a hurry and didn’t have time to worry
And now they’re a mess and you have to be careful
Or they just might break

I’m so twisted that you can’t tell what I am
Twisted like a piece of spaghetti around a fork
You twirled and twirled the fork
Wrapped the spaghetti around and around
Until you were satisfied that it wouldn’t make a mess
Twisted like a slinky pulled tight
You pulled and pulled until there was no bounce left
Just a taught piece of wire that you could make play your tune

I’m so tangled and twisted that you don’t know what I am
But maybe the only way to find out
Is to start from the beginning
Unravel the knot by twists and turns
Don’t forget to be gentle so that I don’t break

Ignore the should be’s and has to be’s
And you might find out
That I’m better than anything those should be’s and has to be’s ever could dream of
I might even be
Exactly what you need
The only thing that’s for sure
Is that I will be me

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