Seven Minutes

September 16, 2012
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In seven minutes I will profess my love for you
How it shook the earth, painte dblack skies blue.
How life was made worthy of living or how my heartbeat beat like a broken drum.
How my lips quivered and my feet shook when the
Thud thud of your heart was heard nearby.

In seven minutes I will tell how you taught me
That a soul could carry a heavy burden of love
Instead of life. I will tell you
Of the way my mind raced shook thundered at your approach. How I became a
Child in your presence or how your eyes became
A neverending vast sea of safety and love.
I learned to love back.

In seven minutes I will pour my heart out for you.
When once I poured my tears time toil for you.
When once I held you in my arms but did not let you go for you let me go.
Once I lived for you and died to me.
For you. For you I
Spilled sweet love sweet sweat sweet blood.

In seven minutes you will be reminded of how you once
Told me made me believe we would grow old together,
Live love die.
You pointed at an old couple holding hands walking by
Said my name: "One day that will be you and I."
Said you loved me.
Said only I'd made you feel this way but others had. Said I was one in a

In seven minutes
I will remember you then forget you all over again
Like what you did to me. Planted your lovely
Rose petaled cheeks on mine whispered goodbye.
That night you decided to not love me anymore
Struck my soul in the spine with your iron hand
Heart of stone. Dance as you may but
I will walk with my back straight my chin high in knowing that
In seven minutes I can,
Remember you then forget you.

Like how you loved me.

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