I Am Human

September 16, 2012
By Josie-R GOLD, Maple Grove, Minnesota
Josie-R GOLD, Maple Grove, Minnesota
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They glare at me, like I had the choice.
They stare though me, like I dont have a voice.

They tell me that what i am doing is evil and so despicable.
They hate they envelop me with, its all so predictable.

They deem me unworthy of gods holy love, and say ill be hell in the end.
But god is my savior too, and most of the time he's my only friend.

I do not want to be this way, i didn't ask for this.
Id do anything to be like you, scars to prove it etched on my hips.

Your words? They sting, they slash through who I thought i could be.
You laugh and you mock me, ignore my every plea.

I am not proud of who I am, of that you have made sure.
I am clearly still human , but this one feeling has made those lines blur.

You tell me I pollute the air with each breathe in and out.
Ground falls beneath my every step. It gets better? That I doubt.

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