Being A Girl

September 15, 2012
By AmberLynaeWrites BRONZE, Reston, Virginia
AmberLynaeWrites BRONZE, Reston, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Love is not about finding the perfect person, its about seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

The young girl wipes her eyes, to disguise the pain inside
And it seems like every night that she cries, she has another alibi
Not many know her name, yet she tries so hard to shield her pain
Attempting to stand out from lane, knowing she’s plain Jane
Never felt the warmth of another’s touch
And she’ll probably never know what it feels like to be loved
And anyone that does, she believes is doing too much
In society she is physical adjust, but sadly so emotionally unjust
It seems like every night that she cries...
But when her parents knock on her door, she wipes her eyes and lies
About how she really feels inside
The only one who truly understands her is her best friend
Who stabbed her in the back, when she got a man

Sooner or later, she found the one that makes her so happy, yet so sad
He only wanted one thing and he got that
And now she’s without the one thing that she’d thought she always have
Now she is stuck with a horrible memory she wish she never had
Her emotions went crazy every time he told her he loved her
And how he promised he’d never put another girl above her
Now shes scared of a hello, and finds relief in a goodbye
She gets on her knees, closes her hands, and looks toward the sky
All she can seem to say is “God where were you”
And he answers your never alone, you will soon have your breakthrough
You brought into this world a woman, you had no choice
But one thing I can promise you, I’ll always be your voice

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