September 15, 2012
By PapasGirl GOLD, Wahiawa, Hawaii
PapasGirl GOLD, Wahiawa, Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
You never lose by loving, but you always lose by holding back.

I feel so alone
After the move I had been waiting to long for
Right after I had gotten my best boyfriend yet
After I had gotten the feeling of home
After all these big things happened
I feel so alone now
I feel like Im falling apart
Like Im losing the parts of me I love
Like Im becoming a nobody
Like I'm becoming more and more alone
I left my wonderful boyfriend
I left all my good friends
I left part of myself
I left my real daddy
Its hard to make friends here
Its hard to have fun
Its hard to run
Even hard to laugh
I am alone and lost
I don't know whats happening
But I do know I want to go home
I want to go home to friends
I want to go home to my boyfriend
I want to go home to my real daddy
And most important...
I want to go home to get myself back
Washington is home now
It takes three years to get the feeling of home
It takes three years to get over one place
It takes three years to make true friends
It may be fun for you to see the world
But I have been doing this since three
Its not fun anymore, I want to go home
I have never really known where home is
I am alone and I hate the feeling
I have been halfway around the world and back
I am tired of moving
I feel like I don't know anything anymore
One thing I know for sure is
I feel alone in Hawaii, I feel lost and confused
These things are not fun anymore
I am getting sick and tired of them

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