Cold Hearted

September 15, 2012
You came into my home and destroyed it
You tore my family apart but yet you brought us closer
You never were thankful for what you had
You were always disobeying
Why did you do this to my family?
Was it fun and games for you?

It only took four to gain up on three
You embarrassed me in front of my friends
But that wasn't enough, was it?
You took it to the next level
Because I hadn't suffered enough
Then it was in front of the whole school
You read them my journal, my feelings, my life

I had to do your homework because you were to stupid
My grades dropped and I got yelled at
Did you ever care? I don't think so
But then again you know everything, right?
I made stupid choices
Because you didn't like me making the smarter ones

I changed because then I wouldn't hear anything from you
I had to endure pain and you didn't
I hate what you did
But at the same time I am thankful
Because I became a stronger person because of you

As I started to change my friends started noticing
They tried to help me
But you had your grasp on me
For three months you kept it
Until you had to go against 10 people
In the end my friends won and you lost
Going against 10 people isn't easy for one person, not even four
Now, I forgive you because I am stronger
And because I know I will never go against you again

I thought it was hopeless to stand up for myself
Thankfully I had friends who thought otherwise
I can't thank god enough for these friends
Because without them you would still have your grasp on me
Now friends have a stronger hold on me then family does

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