Knight in Shining Armor

September 14, 2012
By iWolfPrincess BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
iWolfPrincess BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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Through all these years I've wondered if I'll ever run into my knight in shining armor...the one who will always protect me...I lost all hope of finding him...
One day however that all changed. He was riding his horse, looked down at me and gave me a sweet smile.
"May I ask what is this fair lady searching for?"
"I've been across the whole entire land trying to search for the one who will defend me from all evil.
The one who will keep me in his heart at all times."
"Why have you been searching this far? A lovely lady like you would surely enough have a man who will treat her like a princess everyday."
"Alas fair knight I do not. I've searched everywhere but sadly there is no one who I could give my heart to.
And I am afraid that I would never find the one willing to give me their love.."
"Ahh my fair lady I believe I know of someone who is willing to give such a beautiful young maiden all the love and protection that she will ever need.
One who will protect her from all the darkness that may ever come and one who will banish all the depths of hell that try to get near her."
"My good knight, of whom are you speaking of? I shall go to that place at once and search for him no matter what."
"Alas young maiden, you are staring right at him. I shall be the one who will not treat you like a princess, but I shall however, treat you like my queen."

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