September 14, 2012
By Alexander Hjort BRONZE, Arapahoe, Nebraska
Alexander Hjort BRONZE, Arapahoe, Nebraska
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Diamond is the most amazing animal
He looks like he would eat you alive.
He weighs more than I do.
His muscles ripple and ruffle his thick fur as he walks.
When my brother hits me playfully,
His hair stands up in a ridge on his back.
But he’s actually a really big baby.
He’s so afraid of gunfire that he can break away of any chain.
When his foot falls asleep,
He acts like he has broken it.
Although his name is Diamond,
He’s as soft as a blanket.
Maybe he’s just a
Diamond in the rough?

The author's comments:
My dog is my best friend. To look at him you would think that he is mean. But, to know him you would find out that he is a big baby.

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