Actions of a Fool

September 17, 2012
By BevMo66 BRONZE, Pomona, California
BevMo66 BRONZE, Pomona, California
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This is the story of the actions of a fool
That now carries a heavy burden
As a punishment so cruel
As she was perfectly able to read the sign
But grew careless and eventually blind
She carries a burden
That is heavy and full
Of the careless actions
Of being a fool
Of not hearing the cries
That were present and blunt
Not helping this man
Out of his runt
She shoved it away
To be addressed for another day
She heard the words but not the message
She heard the words but the detail
Like a blind reads his brail
She should’ve heard this man’s word so frail
She would’ve saw that he needed someone there
She could’ve saw this man’s despair
This is a story of the actions of a fool
This girl saw her father suffering in sadness so cruel
But afraid to stand tall and confront
She left this poor man falling deeper and deep into his runt.
As they lower the coffin into the ground
The tears streaming violently down
She feels her shoes feel heavy and full
As she has no one to blame
But the actions of a fool

The author's comments:
my father has recently passed away and i haven't really been able to get anything out until this poem.

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